Price List for Routine Services

Please contact us for all pricing as we are updating our service list. Effective 1/1/16

 Category  Product/Service

Internal UMass Pricing


Snap Frozen  Snap Frozen Tissue Sample




 Fresh Tissue



 FFPE (Paraffin) Block


       Paraffin Section: Stained H&E


       Paraffin Section: Unstained First Slide


       Paraffin Section: Unstained Additional Slides


       Paraffin Section: 5 um curl


       Paraffin Section: 10 um curl



 OCT Block


       Frozen Section (OCT): Stained H&E


       Frozen Section (OCT): Unstained First Slide


       Frozen Section (OCT): Unstained Additional Slides


       Frozen Section (OCT): 10 um curl



 Malignant Ascites Fluid: Unprocessed


 Malignant Ascites Fluid: Isolated


 Ascites Fluid Cell Culture: Fresh


 Ascites Fluid Cell Cultured: Frozen


Bone Marrow  

 Bone Marrow/Blood: Unprocessed (0.5 mL)


 Bone Marrow/Blood Isolated Cellts: Fresh (5 mil cells)


 Bone Marrow/Blood Isolated Cells: Frozen (5 mil cells)


 Chart Review/Clinical Information


 Slide Review (per hour)


 Additional Research (per hour)


Please contact us with your request.

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