Workplace Giving

Workplace giving

Matching Gifts Program

Matching gift programs are designed to be the means by which companies support employee charitable giving.  Companies match donation made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits.  Ask your company if they match donations!

Click here to view a full list of Companies with Matching Gift Programs

*If your employer is not listed here, don't despair.  Simply go to your human resources department and ask if they have a Matching Gift Program.  If so, ask for the appropriate form, fill it out and send it along with your gift.

Payroll Deductions

UMass employees can take advantage of payroll deduction by completing a form and turning it into our Gift Processing Department.  Email: for a copy of the form.

Start a company fundraising team. Raffle off prizes to the top fundraiser on your team.

Raffle item ideas:  VIP Parking, Breakfast with the Boss, Boss for a Day, Free Vacation Day.

Dress Down Days

Charge employees $2 - $5 each week to dress down on a particular day.

Count the Jelly Beans

Fill a jar with jelly beans, or any other item.  Have people pay to guess the amount.  Ask a local restaurant to donate a gift certificate as a prize, or use one of the items mentioned below.

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