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A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Anything-A-Thon:  Whether it is walking, dancing, jump roping, reading, skipping, biking or aerobics.  If you can organize a group of people to do it for an extended time, you’ve got yourself a fundraiser.  Participants will collect pledges for each minute they are able to do the activity.  The more creative the higher chances of getting media coverage so put on your thinking cap!

Art Show/Sale:  Host an art show!  Have talented individuals donate their artwork and then re-sell the pieces.

Baby Sit:  Do extra baby-sitting and give your pay (or at least part of it) to your team's effort.  Or baby-sit as a team during a community event.

Bake Sale:  The key is to sell baked goodies to a large number of people (your office, school or church will be a hit).

Balloon Burst:  Put coupons inside balloons and hang them from the ceiling.  Charge a small fee to burst a balloon and win a prize.

Benefit Band Night:  Host live music while charging a cover fee.

Bingo Night:  Everyone loves a great game of Bingo.  Rent a Bingo game set from a party store.  Charge for each Bingo card played (pull tab Bingo cards are available online relatively cheap).

Brown Bag Lunch Day: Everyone brings in their own lunch and donates the money they would have spent to the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.

Buffalo Wild Wings:  You pick the date; Buffalo Wild Wings will create the flyer.  You print and distribute the flyer to family and friends.  On the chosen date, anyone who presents the flyer will receive 20% of their net sales donated to the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.  Offer valid at both the Shrewsbury and Fitchburg, MA locations.

Car Wash:  Host a car wash at a place that gets a lot of traffic but has plenty of space and an accessible water source. Advertise the car wash ahead of time and pick a popular location so a lot of people see your car wash.

Casino Night:  Get friends, family, and neighbors together for a fun night where they can bet with “funny money”.

Change\Donation Jar:  (at home, on your desk, in the lunchroom, at your favorite restaurant).  Every donation, small or large, makes a huge difference.

Comedy Club:  Ask a local comedy club to host an evening in support of the UMass Medicine Cancer Walk/Run invite all teams to sell tickets.

Dart Tournament:  The event could be a large tournament or a friendly competition among friends and family at a bar.

Dog Walking:  Offer dog-walking services to friends, family, and neighbors for donations.

Email:  Email your friends and associates for donations.

Extra Change:  Provide friends and family with small boxes that they can use to collect and donate change leftover at the end of the day.

Face Painting:  Offer face painting at a local community event and make sure to advertise that all proceeds benefit the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.

Fishing Tournament:  Get sponsorship from a local angling shop.

Garage Sales:  Set up a day to sell items that you, family, friends and neighbors don’t need any more.

Go Door to Door:  Go door to door and ask for donations.

Golf Tournament:  Partner with a local golf course and hold a golf tournament fundraiser.  Charge a fee to individuals who want to take part in the tournament.

Hair Salon:  Ask a local hair salon to donate money earned for every haircut they give on a certain day.

Hats off to a Cure:  Encourage your workplace or school to allow people to wear hats in exchange for a small donation.

Ice Cream Socials:  Plan one at your place of work or for friends, asking for a donation to attend.

Iron Chef Tournament:
  Contestants bring their signature dishes for attendees to judge.  Offer restaurant or cooking school gift certificates as prizes.

Jail-N-Bail:  Toss friends/co-workers in “jail” and make them post bail to get out.  Another twist is to have friends/co-workers pay to have someone else put in jail.  Charge by the minute or in blocks of time ($.25/minute; $3.00 for 15 minutes; $12 for an hour).

Jenny Boston:  Book your fundraiser at Jenny Boston on a Wednesday or Thursday evening and enjoy private shopping with friends with 10% - 15% of sales being donated to the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.  Westborough, MA - 508.545.0060 -

Jewelry Party:  Many in-home jewelry parties will offer a charitable donation in lieu of hostess gifts.

Karaoke:  Organize a party and have guests pay to sing or have their friends pay to have them sing.

Letter Writing:  Write a personal letter asking friends or family to support your fundraising efforts.  Make sure to include your personal story and motivation!

Massage Certificates:  Who doesn’t love a good message.  It’s even better when proceeds go to fight cancer! HealthSource Chiropractic will supply you with Gift Certificates for 30-minute massages at one of their offices. You sell the messages for $20 each. The team keeps the $20 and puts it towards their fundraising totals. The recipient calls HealthSource Chiropractic to schedule their appointment and can either stay with the 30-minute massage or upgrade to a 1 hour massage for an additional $20.

Make it a Monopoly® Night:  Charge an admission fee and make it a fun night.

Movie Night:  For a donation, guests can come enjoy a movie with snacks and drinks.  Get an outdoor projector and make it an outdoor movie night.

Murder Mystery Dinner:  Host a dinner where your guests will be providing most of the entertainment.  Tips to hosting murder mystery dinners can be found online, in addition to complete kits that can be purchased for a small fee.  Know someone who already hosts mystery dinners, partner with them to host a benefit mystery dinner!

No Sew Blanket:  Make a few no sew blankets and then raffle them off!

Office Fundraising Challenge:  Talk with everyone in your office and get them to challenge each other to raise the highest amount.  The strongest competition is typically between departments.  Offer prizes:  Free day off, VIP parking, or lunch with the boss.

Paint Night:  Paint Nite, is proud to support the local community by creating fun events that raise money for your favorite organization.  You supply: advance notice, $100 deposit to hold the date & 35 guest's minimum and Paint Nite will donate a portion of ticket sales to the UMass Medicine Cancer Walk/Run.

Paisley Boutique:  Invite your friends out for a night of private shopping at this lovely boutique.  Based on the sales for the evening Paisley Boutique will donate 15% - 25% of sales to the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.  North Grafton, MA - 508.730.8585 -

Penny War:  Get the departments or branches at your work to compete against one another in a Penny War.  Containers are placed in a lunch or break room and are labeled with each team’s name.  Then the competition begins…each team earns one point for every penny in their container.  However, a point will be deducted for every non-penny found in their container (ex: 2,000 points would be deducted for a $20 bill).  The goal is to get as much silver and paper bills into the other teams’ containers while collecting as many pennies as possible in yours.  The team with the highest score receives a prize.

PYOP Studio:  Host a fundraiser at PYOP studio.  They will provide you with a PDF that you can print off and hand out.  If someone brings in that paper during the fundraiser weekend, they will donate 15% of their total to the UMass Cancer Center.  Northborough, MA - 508.393.3100 -

Quilt Sale:  Are you or someone you know part of a quilting group?  Ask for quilts to be donated for a benefit sale.

Raffle Tickets:  Get a few highly desired items donated and sell raffle tickets in the community for a chance to win those items, in addition to other smaller items.

Scrapbooking:  Get friends and family together for a scrapbooking workshop where they can learn how to turn pictures into memorable and personal works of art.

Spaghetti Dinner:  Have your team put together a spaghetti dinner at a local hall or club.  Charge a small fee per spaghetti plate.

Sports Tournaments:  Borrow a field in your community and host a benefit tournament for softball, kickball, dodgeball, soccer, football.

Tips:   Ask local salons, waitresses or bartenders to donate a portion of their tips on a designated day(s).  Make sure to hang flyers letting everyone know that all tips will be donated to the UMass Medicine Cancer Center.

Trivia Night:  Charge a fee per team to play.  You can ask questions about sports, pop culture, music, local history, geography.

Tupperware Party:  Have the profits from a Tupperware party benefit your team.

Used Book Sale:  Ask your co-workers, friends and neighbors for any unwanted books they may have and then re-sell them!

Video Sale:  Sell old DVD's or CD’s.

Vintage Car Show:  Organize a show where car fanatics can come out and check out some of the coolest cars in town.  Charge an entry fee for each car to be displayed.

Wii Competition:  Host a Wii competition where the adults have a chance to play like kids.  The event could focus on sports, singing or musical competitions.  Charge a fee for those who wish to play, in addition to a small spectator's fee.

Wine Tasting:  Gather your friends and have them each bring their favorite bottle of wine. Cover the labels and offer wine tastings.  Or ask a wine merchant, local vineyard or local liquor store to donate a variety of wines to use at your event.  Sell tickets to the event. Raise more money by selling drawing tickets and/or adding a live auction.

Yard Invasions:  Unsuspecting people pay a fee for the removal of a decoration invasion that you snuck in during the night.  These could be Plastic Flocking Flamingos, Garden Gnomes, or Pink Toilets.  Increase earnings by allowing people to buy insurance against having an invasion, and/or an extra fee to have the invasion go to a specific person's garden after leaving theirs!

Your Own Idea:  Almost any hobby or interest can be used to create a charity fundraiser event.  Chances are that if you are involved in it, others in your community are too.

Zumba Night:  Find a trainer for the dance fitness program, charge a fee and learn some Zumba moves.

Need more fundraising ideas?  Search “Fundraising Ideas” on Pinterest!

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