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Nifty Books On The Magical World of Numbers

  1. Magic Squares and Cubes, W.S. Andrews, Dover. I don't know the publication date. Haven't read it yet. But it looks interesting, so thought I'd list it here. Dover publishes books that have gone out of print, and they've got a lot of good, fun math books, among other kinds. Get one of their books (such as Self-working Number Magic: 101 Foolproof Tricks, which is listed below and has some neat tricks in it) and check out the list of similar books that are usually printed inside the front and/or back covers.
  2. Mathematics from the Birth of Numbers, by Jan Gullberg, Norton, 1997. This is an encyclopedia of mathematics. It discusses nearly any aspect of math that you can think of, and many that would never occur to you. Deep, thick, and fun. Something in it for everyone, but don't expect to read it all in one sitting (or one year -- or, maybe, ever). But who cares. This is a great book.
  3. Number Play, by Gyles Brandreth, Rawson Associates, 1984. A fun book for one and all.
  4. The Penguin Book of Curious and Interesting Puzzles, by David Wells, 1992. Anyone can enjoy this book, young and old.
  5. Recreations in the Theory of Numbers, The Queen of Mathematics Entertains, by Albert H. Beiler, Dover Publications, 1966. This is a real jewel of a book. But you really need to have a good basic understanding of algebra to appreciate it. And it helps to have a love of numbers. This is probably my favorite math book.
  6. Self-working Number Magic: 101 Foolproof Tricks, by Karl Fulves, Dover, 1983.