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Faculty Research Funding Opportunities

Bridge Innovation & Business Development (BIBD) is here to facilitate and assist UMass Chan researchers by offering and identifying funding opportunities to develop technologies/inventions with commercial potential. BIBD hosts both UMass Chan Funding opportunities on this portion of our website.

UMass Chan researchers should connect with a New Ventures team member from BIBD prior to accepting funding from a non-UMass source. Researchers are encouraged to pursue these non-Umass funding sources, but should be careful that the terms align with their and the University’s goals to maximize commercial potential and societal impact.

UMass System's Office of Technology Commercialization & Ventures (OTCV) Technology Development Fund Research Grants

OCTV Technology Development Fund for a grant of up to $25,000 to further develop technologies/inventions previously disclosed to Bridge Innovation & Business Development.


Provides funding to UMass Chan faculty and scientists whose research shows promise for commercialization and translation to a clinical application.

Sponsored Projects Accelerating iNnovation (SPAN) Program.

Unique partnering opportunities with industry to bring funding and materials into labs. We are inviting faculty to enter into a mutually-beneficial relationship with industry sponsors. Industry is interested in seeking quick access to specific research projects in exchange for providing your lab with funding and materials.