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Periodically Inspired T-Shirts


Features: Elements on shirt include

-B for Boron, RA for Rdium, In for Indium and Y for Yttrium

-C for Carbon, H for Hydrogen, I for Iodine, C for Carbon, K for Potassium

Fabric: 60% polyester and 40% cotton jersey preshrunk

Color: Fuschia

Sizes: XS-XXL

Price: 26.95


Shirt Inscription: All I need is Gene's and A Tshirt

Fabric: 60% polyester/40% cotton pre-shrunk

Color: Aqua

Sizes S-L

Price: $26.95


Shirt Inscription: I NAP Periodically


-I for Iodine

-NA for Sodium

-P for Phosphorus

Fabric: 65% polyester/35% cotton preshrunk

Color: Heather Slate Blue

Sizes: S-XXL

Price: $26.95

Worcester-tee-v3 (2).jpg

Features: The city of Worcester as elements of the periodic table and the state including

W: Tungston

O: Oxygen

Rc: Area code 508

Es: Einsteinium

Te: Telluirum

R: Heart of the Commonwealth

Fabric: 60% polyester/40% cotton pre shrunk

Color: Vintage Midnight Navy

Sizes: XS-M and XL

Price: $26.95