Secret Wounds by Richard Berlin

The poems in psychiatrist Richard M. Berlin's second collection Secret Wounds explore the emotional terrain of doctor-patient relationships and how doctors' vulnerabilities and psychological scars become the secret wounds they must bear. Poet Gary Young, who selected Secret Wounds for the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, writes that although “Berlin's subject matter is inherently interesting, … medicine is not the excuse for these poems; it is simply their occasion….Berlin's poems are sure, spare, and always open to the task of revealing the mysteries he is privy to.” Poet Peter E. Murphy writes, “Here, Auden, Blake, and Celan consult with Einstein, Freud, and Jung. While the prognosis is not good—we are all terminal—these smart and surprising poems aspire to nothing less than 'the chance to change the world.'”

ISBN-13: 9781886157811

Price: $14.95