One Breath Apart by Sandra Bertman 

What started in the mid-seventies as brown-bag lunchtime optional seminars for students, faculty, and staff of the (then) University of Massachusetts Medical Center evolved into a magnificent project. The medical students' courageous willingness to acknowledge their feelings about death and dissection has made this book possible.

It is our hope that this slim volume - this collection of words and images created by the medical students at University of Massachusetts during the last thirty years (and augmented by Meryl Levin's documentary photographs of students from Weill Medical College of Cornell University and their journal entries written in 1998 and published in "Anatomy of Anatomy") - will provide you with what good doctors provide for their patients: catharsis, personal insights, and support 

 ISBN: 0-89503-396-8 (0895033968)
 ISBN-13: 978-0-89503-396-3 (9780895033963)

Price: $28.95