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Oliver Rando and former Rando Lab member, Colin Conine, publish review in Nature Reviews Genetics

Date Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021

Oliver Rando, MD, PhD, and Colin Conine (now at UPenn) published a new review on soma to germline communication in small RNA trafficking to germ cells. Read the abstract below and take the link to the full text.

Soma-to-germline RNA communication

Soma-to-germline RNA communicationAbstract
More than a century ago, August Weissman defined a distinction between the germline (responsible for propagating heritable information from generation to generation) and the perishable soma. A central motivation for this distinction was to argue against the inheritance of acquired characters, as the germline was partly defined by its protection from external conditions. However, recent decades have seen an explosion of studies documenting the intergenerational and transgenerational effects of environmental conditions, forcing a re- evaluation of how external signals are sensed by, or communicated to, the germline epigenome. Here, motivated by the centrality of small RNAs in paradigms of epigenetic inheritance, we review across species the myriad examples of intercellular RNA trafficking from nurse cells or somatic tissues to developing gametes.


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