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Congratulations to BMP's Ellen Nalivaika on her recent retirement

Date Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2021

Ellen NalivaikaBMP would like to thank and celebrate Ellen A. Nalivaika, Senior Research Associate and Laboratory Manager, who is retiring after 36 years at UMass Medical School! In the last 24 of those years, she has supported the laboratory of Dr. Celia Schiffer, patiently teaching and mentoring the many scholars in the lab. In this time, she has co-authored over 30 publications with her contributions to the scientific research on the structural biology of enzymes. Ellen was always happy to help anyone in BMP and beyond, acting as an invaluable resource with her experience and wisdom. We want to thank Ellen for all her outstanding years at BMP and her contributions to research!  

Congratulations on your retirement!  You will be sorely missed!