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Kobertz Lab receives a new NIH R01 award

Date Posted: Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bill KobertzThe Kobertz Lab was recently awarded a new NIGMS Technology Development R01 to repurpose intracellular fluorescent ion and metabolite sensors to detect extracellular fluxes.  The orchestrated release of ions and metabolites from cells and tissues is essential for neuronal excitability, cardiac rhythmicity, and muscle contraction.  Accordingly, asynchronous and dysregulated release of ions and metabolites is the underlying cause of most human disease.  The Kobertz Lab will develop three novel approaches that target fluorescent ion and metabolite sensors to the cell’s glycocalyx: the nanometer thick, extracellular sugarā€coating where ion and metabolite concentrations vary greatly during ion channel and membrane transporter activity. The development of technologies that enable the spatiotemporal visualization of extracellular ion and metabolites fluxes from cells and tissues will allow researchers and clinicians to understand how these integrated electrical signals regulate brain, muscle, and heart function in healthy and diseased individuals. 

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