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The double helix: “Photo 51” revisited

Date Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thoru PedersonThoru Pederson, as editor-in-chief of the The FASEB Journal, continues to write monthly editorials, which in February was titled The double helix: “Photo 51” revisited.

Last December a friend of mine attended a showing of the film The Secret of Photo 51 at the New York Academy of Medicine and conveyed to me the lively audience discussion that ensued, of which she was a co‐moderator. As many readers know, this film, produced by the Public Broadcasting System for its acclaimed NOVA series, described the rapid, momentous events that led to the idea, published April 25, 1953, that DNA is a double helix. (I deploy the word “idea” as it was not much more than such at the time—though certainly a spellbinding one).

Read more of Dr. Pederson’s editorial in the February 2020 Faseb Journal.


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