AHA fellowship for Steven Pauff

Date Posted: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Steven Pauff's near-IR perspective

Graduate student Steven Pauff in the Miller Lab was recently awarded an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship for his proposal “Design of Near-Infrared Imaging Reagents for the Detection of Nitric Oxide in Live Cells and Organisms”. This two-year award will support Steven’s work on sensors of nitric oxide (NO), a gaseous second messenger that plays a critical role in cellular signaling and cardiovascular health. Due in part to its high reactivity and fleeting lifetime, our picture of NO biology is hazy and dominated by the indirect detection of NO-modified molecules in vitro. To better elucidate its enigmatic roles in vivo, Steven aims to develop optical probes that light up in the presence of NO and can enable the real-time detection of NO production and release in live cells, tissues, and organisms.


Congratulations Steven and keep up the brilliant work!