Corrie Painter: 2011 Chancellor’s Award Winner!

Date Posted: 06/07/11

2011 awardsThe 2011 GSBS Student Achievement Awards were held last Friday in the Faculty Conference Room. Chancellor Collins started the celebration by awarding Corrie Painter the 2011 Chancellor’s Award, which is given to one student in each of the schools in recognition of academic excellence, influential leadership, and strong community service. The newly minted, Dr. Painter, defended her thesis last month on Conformational Lability in MHC II proteins. The Chancellor also recognized Corrie’s commitment to eradicate angiosarcoma—a rare and aggressive cancer that she and 300 people in the US are fighting every day. Click here to find out more about her efforts to raise awareness and find a cure.

In addition to the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Awards, several students were acknowledged for their commitment to community service. Carina Clingman, a BMP graduate student in the Ryder Lab, was recognized for her outstanding community service. Carina and her co-chair Jenn Ziegenfuss run GSBS Cares, a student service organization. Throughout the year, GSBS Cares organizes more than 10 events and projects, including science educational outreach, the Thanksgiving food drive, and Habitat for Humanity. You can learn more about volunteering at GSBS Cares.

Congratulations to all of our GSBS award winners and 2011 graduates!!!

Doctor of Philosophy
Jennifer Angela Broderick, Aronin and Zamore Labs
Anthony Cura, Carruthers Lab
Candace Ann Gilbert, Ross Lab
Chengjian Li, Zamore Lab
Seema Mittal, Schiffer Lab
Siobhan Kathleen O’Brien, Rana Lab
Corrie Ann Painter, Stern Lab
Natalie Wayne Pursell, Bolon Lab
Shivender Mohan Datt Shandilya, Schiffer Lab

Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy
Walter Minsub Kim, Stern Lab