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8/1/2012 to 6/30/2018 Print

  • 02/06/14 GSBS Recruiting Weekend
  • 02/11/14 Victor Ambros, Ph.D. - Canceled
  • 02/13/14 Junko Tsuji, PhD (Weng Lab)
  • 02/16/14 President’s Day
  • 02/18/14 Bill Theurkauf, Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts Medical School "Building an adaptive genome defense system"
  • 02/25/14 Chao-Shun Yang - Thesis Defense Molecular Landscape of Induced reprogramming
  • 02/25/14 Craig Peterson, Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts Medical School Chromatin dynamics:  Putting histones in their place
  • 02/27/14 Pia Negroni (Stern Lab) Djade Soumana (Schiffer Lab)
  • 03/06/14 Kristina Prachanronarong (Schiffer Lab) Amena Arif (Zamore Lab)
  • 03/12/14 Christine Queitsch, PhD - University of Washington Plant ENCODE:  mapping regulatory DNA and transcription factor networks in Arabidopsis
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