Research Faculty

Akbar Ali, PhD - Associate Professor
Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies of HIV-1 protease inhibitors active against multidrug-resistant (MDR) viruses. Synthesis and biological evaluation of small molecule inhibitors of PTEFb, and viral infectivity factor (Vif). See C. Schiffer's Lab for more information.

Sagar Kathuria, PhD - Instructor 
Sequence determinants of the folding free-energy landscape of the beta-alpha-repeat proteins. See C.R. Matthews' Lab for more information.

Nese Kurt Yilmaz, PhD - Associate Professor
Molecular recognition and drug resistance in viral proteases. See C.Schiffer lab for more information.

John Leszyk, PhD - Associate Professor and Associate Director of UMMS Proteomic & UMMS Mass Spectrometry Facility
Applications of mass spectrometry to proteomics. UMMS Mass Spectrometry Facility  

Teresita Padilla-Benavides, PhD - Instructor 
I study the biological roles of transition metals (Cu+, Zn2+, Co2+, and Mn2+) in the development of mammalian cells. Our experimental approaches includes primary myoblasts culture. Metal distribution analysis and identification of metalloproteins by atomic absorption spectroscopy and synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence imaging couple to protein sequencing.  Biochemical characterization of transmembrane metal transporters and soluble metallochaperones.

Thom Vreven, PhD - Assistant ProfessorProgram in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology
Computational analysis and determination of protein-protein interactions. See Z. Weng's lab for more information.

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