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BMP Summer Student Intern Presentations

Date Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Department was proud to host presentations by 13 summer students from various laboratories on Friday, August 2, and Thursday, August 8, 2019. These students represent more than 25 aspiring researchers that have been working in various faculty labs all summer. All students were invited to create a brief presentation to culminate the work they had done this summer at the UMass Chan Medical School. Their presentations were great and demonstrated that the experiences have been fulfilling and interesting for all involved.

The students participating in session 1 presentations on August 2nd were as follows:

Summer Interns
L to R: Sang Vo, Elise Chan, Gregory Francis, Tatiana Karadimitriou, Lauren Hollis, Vikram Kaushik, Daniel Colombani-Garay.

Dr. Rhind’s Lab

  • Tatiana Karadimitriou "Is the degradation of cdc13 cell-size dependent in fission yeast?"
  • Lauren Hollis "S. pombe Size Control" 
  • Vikram Kaushik “Automated Image Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images"

 Dr. Imbalzano’s Lab

  • Gregory Francis “Investigating Interactions Between Arginine Methyltransferase Prmt5 and Histone Chaperone Mcm2 at Genomic Sites”

 Dr. Han’s Lab

  • Daniel Colombani-Garay “Synthesis of an amphiphilic nanoparticle-embedded hydrogel for in-situ delivery of anti-cancer drugs”

 Dr. Schiffer’s Lab

  • Elise Chan “Assessing Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS3/4A Protease Inhibition with Resistant Variants and Novel Inhibitors"
  • Sang Vo (under Dr. Ali)-  “Combating Hepatitis C Virus Drug Resistance: Understanding the Effects of Fluorination on NS3/4A Protease Inhibitors”

The students participating in session 2 presentations on August 8th were as follows:

Summer Interns
L to R: Albert Xu, Camille Pearce, Alex Czuchra, Micaela Tobin, Yixuan Zhao, Muntasir Shabuddin.

Dr. Munson’s Lab

  • Alex Czuchra “Exploring SNARE Binding to Mutant Exocyst Complexes.”
  • Camille Pearce “Characterizing a CorEx Bundle of the Exocyst Complex”

Dr. Thompson’s Lab

  • Micaela Tobin “Investigating the Effects of Citrullination on the Streptavidin Bead Pulldown"

Dr. Rhind’s Lab

  • Yixuan Zhao “Size dependent transcription of cdc25 modeled with a synthetic inducible promoter” 

Dr. Xu’s Lab

  • Albert Xu "Finding Grid Holes pt. 2" 

Dr. Schiffer’s Lab

  • Muntasir Shabuddin (under Dr. Ali) "Synthesis of Novel CtBP Inhibitors as Potential Anticancer Agents"

For more about the labs, please visit: 

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Imbalzano Lab:
Han Lab:
Schiffer Lab:
Munson Lab:
Thompson Lab:
Xu Lab: