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  • Zhiping Weng

    Zhiping Weng, PhD

    Chair and Professor; Li Weibo Chair in Biomedical Research

    To explore and understand biological data through the application and development of computational tools.

    ZLab      Weng Lab      Twitter

  • Manuel Garber

    Manuel Garber, PhD

    Professor; Director, Bioinformatics Core

    To study the evolution of transcriptional control and non-coding RNAs in mammals through development and analysis of sequence-based molecular biology approaches.

    Garber Lab for Evolutionary Non-coding Genomics      Twitter

  • Nezar Abdennur

    Nezar Abdennur, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    To solve challenges of multi-omic data science in biology and medicine, including approaches to explore, integrate and comprehensively understand large, heterogeneous datasets and make working with them more effective.

    Abdennur Lab        Twitter          GitHub            

  • Andres Colubri

    Andres Colubri, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Integration of machine learning, digital epidemiology, mobile health, and data visualization to create novel methods and tools with impact in infectious disease modeling, forecasting and preparedness.

    Co-Labo             Twitter               Lab Twitter

  • Elinor Karlsson

    Elinor Karlsson, PhD

    Associate Professor, Dr. Eileen L. Berman and Stanley I. Berman Foundation Chair in Biomedical Research

    Using ancient signals of natural selection to understand how the human genome works and translating this insight into better medical therapies.

    Karlsson Lab

  • Teng-Ting (Elaine) Lim

    Teng-Ting (Elaine) Lim, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    To understand the genetic mechanisms of complex neurological diseases through computational and statistical methods and experimental technology development.

    Lim Lab     Twitter

  • Jill Moore

    Jill Moore, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    To better understand gene regulation and its role in human disease by using machine learning algorithms to interpret and integrate multi-omic data

    Moore Lab          Twitter

  • Alper Kucukural

    Alper Kucukural, PhD

    Associate Professor; Co-Director, Bioinformatics Core

    Computational analysis and data integration of next-generation sequencing data and developing reusable bioinformatics analysis pipelines. (see Bioinformatics Core for more information).

    Biocore     Twitter

  • Lingfei Wang

    Assistant Professor

UMass Chan Collaborating Faculty

  • Athma Pai

    Athma Pai, PhD

    Assistant Professor, RNA Therapeutics

    Using computational genomics and systems biology approaches to understand the speed and efficiency at which RNA molecules are created and processed to ensure proper cellular functions.

    Pai Lab     Twitter

  • Yingleong (Rigel) Chan

    Yingleong (Rigel) Chan, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Neurology

    The Chan lab explores the ability to use in-vitro systems from a population of donor individuals to model human genetic diseases and phenotypes.

    Rigel Chan Lab, Neurology Department