Principal Investigators

Jeffrey Bailey, M.D., Ph.D.
Manuel Garber, Ph.D.
Elinor Karlsson, Ph.D.
Konstantin Zeldovich, Ph.D.
Zhiping Weng, Ph.D.

Research Faculty

Alper Kucukural, Ph.D.
Patrick McDonel, Ph.D.
Thom Vreven, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ozkan Aydemir, Ph.D.
Srinivas Chandrasekaran, Ph.D.
Elisa Donnard, Ph.D.
Kathryn Lord, Ph.D.
Eugenio Mattei, Ph.D.
Jesse McClure, Ph.D.
Sweta Vangaveti, Ph.D.
Xiao-Ou Zhang, Ph.D.


Alan Derr
Onur Yukselen

Lab Technicians

Brittney Logan
Patrick Marsh
Anthony Schmitt

Graduate Students

Greg Andrews
Tyler Borrman
Gaurav Chauhan
Hao Chen
Yu Fu
Kyle (Jake) Gellatly
Nicholas Hathaway
Jack Huey 
Mercedeh Javanbakht Movassagh
Xue Li
Jill Moore
Kathleen Morrill
Henry Pratt
Michael Purcaro
Arjan van der Velde
Pranitha Vangala

Visiting Scholars

Jessica Hekman
Tianxiong Yu

Welcome to BIB

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Department photo 2016

Albert Sherman Center

The Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology occupies 7,000 square-feet on the 4th and 5th floors of the Albert Sherman Center (ASC). The ASC cutting edge design integrates research and teaching in an exciting collaborative environment.

Albert Sherman Center

Jim Glasheen named executive vice chancellor, innovation & business development

Jim Glasheen named executive vice chancellor, innovation & business development

Jim Glasheen, PhD, a prominent venture capitalist in the biopharmaceutical, medical technology and patient-centered health fields, will join UMass Medical School on Dec. 4 as the executive vice chancellor for innovation & business development.

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BIB in the News...

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Karlsson Lab news....

Nature: Dog DNA probed for clues to human psychiatric ills

Pet project hunts genetic links to behaviour by polling owners on their companions’ quirks.

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Elinor Karlsson, PhD
Wall Street Journal: UMMS study of canine DNA may yield discoveries to help people

Pet owners asked to report on their dogs’ behaviors, submit DNA samples

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Sergey Venev and Konstantin Zeldovich artwork selected for the cover of Molecular Biology and Evolution (Volume 32*Number6*June 2015)

Cover Art Caption: A newly reassorted influenza A virus reproducibly emerges from parental strains over time via reassortment. Artwork provided by Sergey Venev and Konstantin Zeldovich (Volume 32, pp. 1519-1532).

Jeffrey Bailey (back row, second from right) and ACCEL honored at Commencement

UMass Medical School Ebola fighters honored for lifesaving work in Liberia

Manuel Garber, PhD and Jeremy Luban, MD

UMMS receives $6.1 M to develop model for predicting gene expression in human dendritic cells.

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