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Alumni Oral Board Preparation Instructions

  • Go to and open a free account. 
  • Go to the App store or Google play and download the computer or mobile app.
  • Open the app and get familiar with it.
  • Give access to camera and microphone (required so video and audio can be used).
  • Make sure that video is off as a default every time you join a meeting (people will not see you until you turn it on) when starting a meeting usually audio is mute, click over the mute microphone to speak and be heard (test your microphone on zoom).
  • Fifteen (15) minutes before your exam, Dr. Aponte will send you a meeting ID and click join. If you do not have the app, let him know so he can send you a browser link.
  • If you do not receive this information within that timeframe on your exam date, please text a reminder to Dr. Aponte at (787) 550-3612.
  • Ten (10) minutes before the exam, you will receive your exam.
  • When you are ready for the conference, you can start the video and unmute the microphone to speak when desired.
  • For faculty training purposes, more attendings can be present on the background (no residents) listening and developing examination techniques. The results of this exam will remain confidential.
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