Preoperative Evaluation Clinic

The Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation Clinic provides a unique service for both the resident and the pre-surgical patient. This comprehensive clinic evaluates and determines the optimal medical preparation of the outpatient and inpatient undergoing anesthesia, especially the medically complex patient. All anesthesia residents rotate through this service in 2 week blocks during their CA-1 and CA-3 years. Core faculty members provide an extensive educational experience in preoperative anesthesia assessment

Adult patients scheduled for surgery or any procedure requiring anesthesia may require an appointment in the Anesthesia Preoperative Assessment Clinic. This preoperative visit provides an anesthesia evaluation, preoperative instructions, and an opportunity for patients to address their anesthesia concerns. The clinic is always staffed by an Anesthesiology Attending, Nurse Anesthetist, and rotating Anesthesiology Resident.

Patients requiring a Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic visit include:

  • Patients with mild chronic medical problems (not functionally debilitating, ASA Class II) if there is a question whether the condition is optimized or not.
  • Patients with significant medical disease (functionally debilitating, generally ASA Class III and IV patients) .
  • Patients having major surgery which includes, but is not limited to, cardiac, thoracic, vascular, neurosurgery, or joint replacement.

Click here to visit the faculty pages of the anesthesiologists staffing the Pre-Surgical Evaluation Clinic.

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