Advancing Geriatrics Education: A Model Curriculum Across the Medical Education Continuum

UMMS Advancing Geriatrics Education (AGE) Advisory Board

UMMS Advancing Geriatrics Education (AGE) Advisory Board

David Ayers, MD 
Chair, Department of Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation

Robert Baldor, MD 
Chair, Educational Policy Committee, UMMS

Lisa Beittel, MBA
Office of the Medical School Dean

Deborah DeMarco, MD 
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Robert Finberg, MD 
Chair, Department of Medicine

Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd 
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education 

Chair, LInC Curriculum Trustees 

Mark Fitzgerald, MS3
Student Representative

Terence Flotte, MD 
Executive Deputy Chancellor, Dean and Provost for the School of Medicine 

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Julia Johnson, MD 
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Julie Jonassen, PhD 
Co-Chair, Educational Policy Committee

Daniel Lasser, MD, MPH 
Chair, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Seth Levin, MS3
Student Representative

Randall Morse, MD 
Student Representative

Paulette Seymour Route, PhD, RN
Dean, Graduate School of Nursing