Advancing Geriatrics Education: A Model Curriculum Across the Medical Education Continuum


Create an enhanced integrated educational program in geriatrics, serving the multi-disciplinary teaching needs of UMMS learners, spanning undergraduate and graduate medical education, as well as  continuing professional development of both geriatrician and non-geriatrician educators
Establish a “core resource” model that brings together the essential state-of-the-art educational services, technologies, and expertise to support curriculum development, faculty development, assessment and programmatic evaluation.

Enhance the training of clinician educators at all levels around the principles and practice of geriatrics. Geriatric educators will be developed through a multi-faceted approach that will include targeting chief residents through a Chief Resident Immersion Training program, and our faculty through a Faculty Immersion Training program.

Recruit new fellowship-trained clinician educators to expand our existing cadre of academic geriatricians.


 AGE Team

“The time is right for this project at UMass Medical School,” said Dr. Michele Pugnaire, Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs. "We are in the midst of a major curriculum redesign, and aging has been endorsed by our curriculum committees and redesign teams as a unifying theme for all components of our new curriculum."

Visit the University of Massachusetts Worcester Office of Public Affairs and Publications to read more.

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