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American Ebola Survivor Dr. Rick Sacra Returning to Africa - Jan 12, ABC News

UMass Medical sends supplies, shares expertise to help Liberians fight Ebola – Jan 11, T&G

Warning: That Tan Could Be Hazardous – Jan 10, New York Times 

UMass Medical School receives renewed Carnegie Community Engagement Classification – Jan 7, Worcester Magazine 

How One Woman Used Meditation to Quit Smoking – Jan 6, East Idaho News 

Officials see many benefits in planned VA health care site – Jan 5, Worcester Business Journal 

Weight Loss 2015: How to get a little help from your (new) friends – Jan 5, WBUR's Commonhealth 

Mindfulness – Dec 14, 60 Minutes 

Massachusetts gives $1M for quicker Ebola test – Dec 16, NECN 

A Warning on Nutmeg - Nov 25, New York Times

Work Without Limits means 'room for everyone' - Nov 23, T&G

Reduce premature birth rates - Nov 21, T&G

Preliminary report: UMass Memorial Health Care in the black - Nov 20, Worcester Business Journal

Worcester, scientific pioneer - Nov 20, T&G

26 ways to avoid getting sick this winter - Nov 15,

UMass Medical School partners with veteran affairs for new initiatives - Nov 12, Boston Business Journal

Five ways your home is making you fat - Nov 11, The Age

Will your brothers and sisters help care for your parents? - Nov 5, Morningstar

Kidney donor from Leominster pays it forward at UMass - Nov 1, T&G

No Shortage of Tanning Beds for Students at Top Colleges in US - Oct 30, Good Morning America

3D printing enters new world at UMass Medical School - Sept 22, T&G

6 Ways Food Affects Your Mood - Sept 18, Everyday Health

Health was a top priority on Beacon Hill - Sept 18, WWLP TV-22 News Springfield

You May Not Really Need Your Blood Pressure Medication - Sept 16, Parade

UMass study questions Alzheimer's treatments - Sept 15, Boston Globe

Why mindfulness? A case for detached awareness - Sept 15, Mother Nature Network

UMass Memorial Neonatal unit turns 40 - Sept 14, T&G

More than one way to fight Ebola - Sept 11, The Landmark

UMass endowment rises to record $757 million - Sept 11, Boston Globe

Respiratory virus sweeping country is likely to hit Massachusetts - Sept 11, T&G

Caring 101: A Simple Lesson For The First Days Of Medical School - Sept 9, WBUR

Near Death, and Overmedicated - Sept 9, New York Times

Worcester health center hands out fresh produce to low-income families - Sept 4, T&G

U.S. Doctor Infected with Ebola Headed to Nebraska - Sept 4, CBS News

Colleagues describe doctor - Sept 3, WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Third US doctor infected with Ebola identified as Mass. Man - Sept 3, WFXT Fox 25 Boston

Will money raised from Ice Bucket Challenges yield cure for ALS? - Sept 1, Boston Globe

Woman Shaves Head for Cancer Awareness - August 27, NECN

Autism: Paying the Price for Treatment - August 22, Chronicle WCVB-TV

UMass Foundation names full-time fundraising chief as UMass launches $1B capital campaign - August 26, Boston Business Journal

Engaged couple shares life, love and FSHD - August 15, WCVB-TV Boston

Newborn screening expansion offers early diagnosis and treatment to infants with SCID - August 20, Science Daily

UMass Medical sends supplies to fight Ebola in Africa - August 14, WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Robin Williams' death highlights mental health crisis - August 14, T&G

On cancer's front line - August 13, T&G

Antonia "Toni" McGuire, president and chief executive officer, Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center - August 10, T&G

UMass Medical Chancellor, Doctor Take ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ To Honor Late Gov. Cellucci - August 6, WBZ TV Boston

More on Sleeping Pills and Older Adults - August 6, New York Times

All Germs Are Not Created Equal - August 4, The UC Santa Barbara Current

1 in 4 U.S. Kids Underestimate Their Weight, Study Finds - July 31, U.S. News & World Report

UMMHC pursues fiscal health with third-quarter surplus - Aug 2, T&G

Study supports newborn screening for ‘bubble boy disease’ - July 31, Boston Globe

UMass ALS Run - July 30, Worcester News Tonight

Trend sees advanced practice nurses sharing doctor caseloads - July 30, T&G

More than 700 sign up for Cellucci 5K in Hudson - July 25, MetroWest Daily News

UMass Memorial to sell outpatient psych unit – July 19, T&G

Rebound taking hold in Central, Western Mass. – July 18, Boston Globe

Older adults who walk out of necessity are at highest risk for outdoor falls – July 17, Medical Xpress

BrainStorm Announces that UMass Memorial Medical Center to Begin Enrolling Patients in Phase 2 ALS Clinical Trial – July 15, The Wall Street Journal

Medical records find evidence linking autism to obesity – July 21, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative 

Life-threatening reactions to diet drug on the rise in the UK – July 18, Chicago Tribune

Neuroscience Might Be Taking Over the World – July 17, Liberty Voice

Bill expands autism treatment, support – July 14, NECN

When pregnant mom is malnourished, her grandchildren may take the hit – July 11, PBS Newshour 

If You Find A Tick: Why I Resorted To Mooching Pills To Fight Lyme Disease – July 11, WBUR

New Research On Addiction And The Brain – July 10, WBUR Radio Boston

HIV appears again in child thought cured – July 10, UMassMed Now

How childhood trauma could be mistaken for ADHD – July 9, The Atlantic

Cellucci’s fight against ALS continues in his hometown of Hudson – July 5, Community Advocate

Jan Cellucci continues to fight against ALS – July 1, Boston Globe

Disabilities can bolster diversity – July 1, Boston Globe

Timing knee and hip replacements – June 30, Boston Globe

UMass Memorial ranked among best for heart surgery – June 26, Worcester Business Journal

A CRISPR Way To Fix Faulty Genes – June 25, National Public Radio

Monarch butterflies use magnetic compass to migrate – June 24, USA Today

Victor Ambros named co-recipient of 2014 Gruber Genetics Prize – June 17, Phys.Org

5 over-the-counter meds you use that don’t really work – June 17, Salon

Artificial pancreas offers hope to diabetes patients – June 16, Boston Globe

Physician Focus: A Heightened Alert on Infectious Disease – June 11, Community Advocate

Governor releases plan to tackle opiate abuse – June 10, MyFoxBoston

UMass Memorial Health Care losses shrink, primarily at medical center – June 10, Worcester Business Journal

Patrick Endorses Plan To Address Opiate Addiction ‘Public Health Emergency’ – June 10, WBUR CommonHealth

Business People (Joyce Murphy named vice chair of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care) – June 8, T&G

Your workplace is putting you in danger – June 8, Washington Post

Tanning Beds to Carry Warning Labels for People Under 18 – June 5, Huffington Post

Binge-drinking's unseen danger – June 5, MSN Health Living

UMMHC strategy helps lift the bottom line – June 4, T&G

UMass Memorial shows signs of stabilizing, although more cuts loom – June 3, Boston Business Journal

UMass Medical School graduates 227 – June 1, T&G

F.D.A. Announces Stricter Rules on Tanning Beds – May 29, New York Times

Millbury solar project complete – May 28, Worcester Business Journal

Fundraising road race will honor the late Paul Cellucci – May 26, T&G

An Epidemic of Preterm Births – May 22, Worcester Magazine

UMass Medical adds $1.7B to state economy – May 22, T&G

Surprising ways you're making seasonal allergy symptoms worse – May 20, WCVB Channel 5

Binge drinking once 'affects health' – May 19, WebMD

Researchers get creative in hunt for dollars – May 18, T&G

Virtual dissection table gives startling views – May 18, T&G

What's good for Toyota is good for UMass Memorial – May 18, T&G

Only One Instance of Binge Drinking Can Affect Your Health: University Study – May 15, Science World Report

UMass Medical School students enjoy their new Best Buddies (begins at marker 6:50) – May 12, Charter TV3 News

Sunday Sit-down: Dr. Heather C. Forkey – May 11, T&G

HealthAlliance Hospital has new president – May 6, T&G

Boston researchers get $5.9M in grants – May 6, Boston Herald

Bite-sized tweets effective new weight loss weapon – May 5, WCVB Boston

Medical center probes possible data breach – May 5, Worcester Business Journal

Two Tests Not to Delay in RA – May 2, Medscape

How Hospitalists Can Improve Efficiency on Inpatient Wards – May, The Hospitalist

Harr launches drive to support UMass Medicine Cancer Center of Excellence – May 2, T&G

UMass backing literacy project – Apr 29, T&G

Health Care Career Expo offers opportunity to students – Apr 29, NECN

UMass Medical Using ‘Virtual Anatomy’ to Teach Students – Apr 28, WBZ-TV Boston

UMass Medical School course offers help for parents in learning about autism – Apr 28, WFXT-Fox 25 Boston

FDA okays start of BrainStorm stem cell trial in ALS patients – Apr 27, Reuters

‘Crispr’ Technology ‘Edits’ DNA and Corrects Adult Genes, Successfully Curing Disease – Apr 23, Medical Daily

Medical school to buy solar power – Apr 23, T&G

Menopause symptoms reconsidered – Apr 21, Boston Globe

UMass honors volunteers – Apr 20, T&G

7 Secret Reasons You're Still Hungry – Apr 18, Huffington Post

MS: What role does vitamin D play? – Apr 17, Medpage Today

UMass Memorial Medical cutting more than 100 jobs – Apr 16, Boston Globe

Pregnant women who took antidepressants linked to higher autism risk in boys – Apr 14, United Press International, Inc.

Marathon volunteers return with memories of a tragedy – Apr 15, T&G

ALS research fund renamed to honor Cellucci – Apr 11, Worcester Business Journal

Medical school services honored – Apr 13, T&G

The road ahead for UMass Memorial – Apr 14, Worcester Business Journal

UMass ‘Sidekicks’ Program Matches Medical Students with Sick Children – Apr 10, WBZ-TV Boston

ALS fund named for Cellucci – Apr 9, T&G

Stressed out Americans seek mindful peace – Apr 7,

UMass Medical career event draws 240 students – Apr 6, T&G

UMass Memorial — stressed system, challenges – Apr 6, T&G

Playing the brain training game – Apr 6, Chicago Herald

State agency gives $5M for biologic drug manufacturing center in Boston – Apr 1, Boston Business Journal

McGovern to speak at UMass Med graduation – March 31, T&G

UMass Medical School students win 2014 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award – March 26, News Medical

UMass Med students matched to residencies – March 21, T&G

Number of people with new joints tops 7 million – March 14, USA Today

Why This Congressman Is Fighting To Bring Mindfulness To Veterans – March 14, Huffington Post

U.S. News releases 2015 Best Graduate Schools rankings – March 11, NY Daily News

Sale of pansies benefits pancreatic cancer fight – March 12, T&G

What's new in autism spectrum disorder? Harvard Review of Psychiatry presents research update – March 10, Medical Xpress

More Children With Autism Are Going To College Than Ever Before (And 5 Other Key Findings) – March 11, Huffington Post

Time for colorectal cancer awareness – March 4, T&G

A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA – March 3, New York Times

Tune in: Being mindful of the now can lead to good health – March 3, The Vancouver Sun

Medical interpreting a growing industry – March 2, T&G

Plastic surgery more than just for looks – Feb 27, Worcester Magazine

RNAi tactic to fight disease offers new hope – Feb 24, Boston Globe

UMass Memorial therapy dog, Oscar, makes his final round visiting 'the kids’ – Feb 22,

Before Going Gluten-Free, Make Sure It’s Necessary – Feb 20, New York Times

Beyond 'baby blues' — treating postpartum depression – Feb 19, T&G

Trophy brightens young hearts at UMass hospital – Feb 18, T&G

Third Rock invests $45M to launch biotech firm aimed at gene therapy – Feb 17,

Should Mindfulness Be Taught In Classrooms? – Feb 15,

Vitamin B12 accelerates worm development – Feb 14, Science News

Mind over cancer: can meditation aid recovery? – Feb 14, The Guardian

The 10 Minutes A Day That Can Change Your Life – Feb 12, Huffington Post

For a special boy, love has made all the difference – Feb 9, Boston Globe

Autism Study Points Way to Calming Troubled Brains – Feb 6, NBC News

Put Back The Teeth? Why We Separate Dental And Medical Care – Feb 4, WBUR’s CommonHealth

Black Death Left a Mark on Human Genome – Feb 3, Science

The Science of Mindfulness – Jan 27, WBUR

Even More Addictive Cigarettes – Jan 23, New York Times

Earbud users in danger of early hearing loss – Jan 18, T&G

Building medical homes – Jan 14, Boston Globe

Breathing In vs. Spacing Out – Jan 14, New York Times

Community paramedicine is prescription for saving costs – Jan 12, T&G

Cupcake Sales Help Keep Ill Kids Warm – Jan 10, Northborough Patch

UMass Memorial selects CFO – Jan 8, Worcester Business Journal

Can meditation treat anxiety better than medication? – Jan 7,  

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