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Training & Technical Assistance Projects

These projects are funded by The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), and from the Center for Mental Health Services of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, United States Department of Health and Human Services, ACL Grant# 90RT5031. NIDILRR is a Center within the Administration for Community Living (ACL), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

YouTube Web Series: Comeback TV

PI: Tania Duperoy, BA

The YouTube Web Series, Comeback TV, is a project that aims to share mental health resources that aid youth and young adults with lived experience with their efforts of employment, education, and general mental health recovery throughout their transition to adulthood via a video web series. The overall focus is to support and inform youth and young adults on how to reach their education and employment goals. The show also integrates a theme of recovery and self-advocacy constructs. 

Internships for young adult college students

Leaders: RTC Knowledge Translation Team

Description: The goal of this project is to incorporate a formal young adult college student internship into the next iteration of the Transitions RRTC. To assist in this, we offer college internships over the course of five years to five youth and young adult college students with a serious mental health condition or who have a family member with a serious mental health condition.

Training for college administrators, faculty, and staff

PI: Amanda Costa, BS

The goal of this project is to develop training materials that will help University faculty, administration, and staff (e.g., from office of disability services) identify when a student’s academic performance is impeded by a serious mental health condition, and take steps to help that student succeed academically. Materials will describe the nature of the serious mental health condition and its potential impact on educational attainment, and provide materials for faculty and staff. (see research study- R2)

Toolkit for Employers of Youth and Young Adult Peer Recovery Workers

PIs: Jonathan Delman, PhD, JD, MPH, Vanessa Klodnick, LSCW

This project will create a technical assistance (TA) toolkit, training modules, and informational webinars to assist employers to develop a youth and young adult peer recovery worker (PRW) workforce. In this TA project we seek
1) to develop a toolkit using input from our advisory committee;
2) to pilot the toolkit at two sites to assess feasibility and outcomes; and
3) develop final products including an employer toolkit, flexible training modules to accompany the toolkit, and an accompanying webinar series.

Developing a model of supporting youth advisory councils in vocational rehabilitation agencies

Leadership: Amanda Costa, BS, Marsha Ellison, PhD, Jonathan Delman, PhD, JD, MPH

Consultant: Ty Smith

The goal of this technical assistance project is to develop and test a model for creating effective youth advisory councils in state vocational rehabilitation (VR) Agencies, and thereby infuse youth voice and input into VR services.

State Inter-Agency Summit for Improving Employment Outcomes among Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions

Leadership: Marsha Ellison, PhD, Andrea Guest, Maryann Davis, PhD

Consultants: Jonathan Delman, PhD, JD, MPH, Joe Marrone

The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance to state agencies serving youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions to help improve their education and employment outcomes with a focus on departments of vocational rehabilitation. We are proposing to provide direct training and technical assistance to address this need for inter-agency collaboration.