Reports & Articles: Education

Peer Academic Support for Success (PASS): Peer Coaching for College Students with Serious Mental Health Conditions (SMHC)*
Golden, Cruz, Costa, & Davis

Feasibility Study for Demonstration of Supported Education to Promote Educational Attainment and Employment among Individuals with Serious Mental Illness: Final Report 
September 1, 2015
Heather Ringelsen, PhD, and Amy Ryder-Burge, MS, RTI International and Marsha Langer Ellison, PhD, Kathleen Biebel, PhD, and Shums Alikhan, BA University of Massachusetts Medical School

REPORT: Supported education improves career prospects for young people dealing with mental illness

Improving the Outcomes of Transition Age Youth with Psychiatric Disabilities through the Adoption and Use of Best Practice Transition Planning
Davis, L., Biebel, K., Ellison, M., Huckabee, S., & Golden, L. (2015) Improving the outcomes of transition age youth with psychiatric disabilities through the adoption and use of best practice transition planning. Psychiatry Information in Brief, 12(6).

Accessing Service for Youth with Emotional Disturbances in and After High School
Wagner, M., Wei, X., Thornton, S. P., & Valdes, K. (2015).  Accessing services for youth with emotional disturbances in and after high school. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals.