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Dinah Sah

Dinah Sah

Chief Scientific Officer; Voyager Therapeutics

Dr. Sah has more than 25 years of experience in research and drug development in the biotechnology industry, and is Chief Scientific Officer at Voyager Therapeutics, a biotech company in Cambridge, MA. Prior to Voyager, Dr. Sah served at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals for 7 years where she was Vice President of Research and focused on RNAi therapeutics discovery and development. Before joining Alnylam, Dr. Sah was Associate Director of Research at Biogen where her work centered on neurodegenerative diseases, and prior to that, she served at Signal Pharmaceuticals working on neural stem cells. Dr. Sah’s achievements include the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and drug candidates that advanced into clinical development, and leadership of multiple programs from early research through Phase 1 clinical trials.  Notably, these include synthetic RNAi therapeutics that resulted in the landmark demonstration of human proof-of-mechanism for this novel class of drugs in patients, and AAV gene therapies containing transgenes that encode miRNAs and are progressing towards the clinic.

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