Vendor Trade Shows

The following dates are reserved for Vendor tradeshows in the 'old school' lobby on the main campus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Dates - 2008
Dates - 2008

Please be aware that we will do our best to fulfill vendor requests for events within our tradeshow policy. Vendors must have approval from UMMS for any tradeshow activity.

In the event the "old" student lobby be shut down for renovations and reconfiguring. When/if this happens we will have to cancel vendor tradeshows.

Please fill out the attached tradeshow registration form completely and return it to Jeff DiCiaccio.

Here is some general information about Vendor Tradeshows:

Cost: Free. There is not a fee.

Hours: Typically the event is from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM however, you are welcome to set up as early as 8:00. There is a coffee kiosk in the lobby if you would like to purchase food or beverages for yourself.

Tables: You will be assigned the number of tables and chairs that you requested. We do not supply table clothes or skirts, etc....

Promotions: State employees are not allowed to personally benefit from a vendor transaction. An example of this would be if a promotion states if a UMass employee buys XXX amount of dollars of a good or service, that employee will receive a free gift. i.e. i-Tunes, Dunkin Donuts gift card. Promotions that are similar in nature but provide a "reward" of like product that is not intended for personal use is acceptable - like buy 25 flasks, get two more free. Raffles are allowed as long as everyone entering has an equal chance of winning and no purchase is necessary.

Directions: See attached to get to the school.
The event is being held in the "old" school building, marked "Schools" on the map. The entrance is marked on the map as "Medical School Lobby". If you have a lot to bring in, you may "live" park for a short time on First Road. The "old" school lobby is through and to the left. You will see the Coffee Kiosk and the book store.

Parking: The hospital offers Valet parking at the Benedict Building entrance for a flat fee, free for handicapped visitors. This service is located on Second Road. You will see signs for it as you enter the campus. Parking is also available for a small hourly fee in the patient/visitor parking garage on South Road.

Promotion of the event:
UMMS will coordinate with Public Relations for the event be added to the Events of the Day postings and to our Intranet Message of the Day, which each employee sees when the log in at work. Please provide a brief description at least a week before the event - here is an example :

Here is a chance to meet and talk, with some of our vendors, about their products and services – Company XYZ. The event will be held on Wednesday, December XX th from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. in the "old Medical School" lobby of the Medical School building. They will be showing off their new and exciting products, giving away samples, trinkets and literature. There will be raffles, too. The event is free to all. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff DiCiaccio @508-856-5301. See you there.

Turnout: Please aware that this is a public building and we can not restrict access to the area. It is suggested that you ask for a UMass business card or a UMass employee (picture) identification in order for them to be eligible for prizes or trinkets. 

Food and beverages: If you would like to provide food (pizza and soda works well) feel free to contact our catering services.

We honor and promote our internal food and beverage services. We ask that any food or beverages from the outside be pre-approved by Jeff DiCiaccio. Please provide outside food and beverage details at least two weeks prior to your scheduled event. We reserve the right to prohibit certain outside food or beverages from being given away in our lobby. For UMMS food and beverage service please contact - LRB Catering (508-856-2217) or Hospital Catering (508-856-3377).

Name Badges: While we do not provide name badges for any event, it is recommended that you vendors wear one.

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