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Ariel Beccia

Ariel Beccia (she/her/hers) is a PhD candidate in the Clinical and Population Health Research program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her research interests include the social epidemiology of eating disorders and bridging quantitative epidemiological methods with social and feminist theories, with a focus on intersectionality theory. Mentored by Dr. Kate Lapane, her dissertation research is examining the prevalence and social determinants of eating disorders and disordered weight control behaviors at the intersection of sexual orientation, gender expression, and weight status. Prior to her PhD training, Ariel had conducted research on the “gender puzzle” of alternative medicine use and the use of mindfulness-based interventions for eating disorders and other mental health issues. Ariel received her MS (Integrative Medicine Research) from Helfgott Research Institute and BS (Neuroscience) from St. Lawrence University.