Think before you trash it !


Reducing our overall waste stream by recycling is a major goal of our sustainability program. Our program is single-stream, meaning all recyclables can go in the same bin. Common recycleable categories include: clean non-HIPAA paper & cardboard, rigid plastics #1 – 7, glass & metal containers. Trash items include: styrofoam, flexible plastics, snack bags & wrappers, soiled paper, cardboard and food waste.

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Common trash

Other items we recycle

Ink cartridges: recycle ink and toner cartridges in one of three ways: 1) return by mail using manufacture supplied shipping label, 2) return to Office Max delivery personnel, 3) deposit in ink and toner recycling bin located on the trash docks.

Electronics: Computers, monitors, appliances, medical and research equipment can be recycled by depositing items in the carboard bin on the main school/hospital trash dock.

Batteries: Recharable batteries and cell phones are recycled through Call2Recycle. Alkaline batteries are not recycled and can be deposited in the the regular trash.

Food waste: UMass Medical School is also diverting a significant portion of its organic waste, primarily pre-consumer food waste, to a local farm.


SWAP, otherwise known as "Surplus With A Purpose," is an initiative that facilitates the reuse of equipment on campus.

UMass Medical School students, faculty and staff are encouraged to bring surplus office supplies, small furniture or laboratory equipment to the SWAP Shop in room S3-209 of the main medical school building so others on campus can put the items to good use.

Learn more and see what's new at the SWAP Shop

Single Stream Process


Take a look inside the plant that processes recyclables from UMMS