Diabetes Care


Clinical Care for Persons with Diabetes

The Diabetes Center of Excellence clinical care team works to continuously improve its patient-centered approach. The Team facilitates the delivery of lifestyle education to both the person with diabetes and when appropriate to care-partners (e.g. family members). Our Team includes specialists in both adult medicine and pediatrics, certified diabetes educators, dieticians, exercise physiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, office support staff, as well as primary and specialty care physicians.

Our goal is to educate and empower the person with diabetes to learn everything needed to effectively manage this complex chronic disease. We also strive to develop ways to simplify the care that is required to properly treat the person with diabetes (for example, eye and foot doctor evaluations, blood and urine tests, and vaccinations). Our "North Star" or guiding principle is to provide treatments that help people with diabetes avoid disease complications so that they can lead long, healthy, and independent lives, until the cure is found. Visit the website of our clinical partner, for more information on clinical care and patient resources:

MyCareTeam Clinical online diabetes management system

The UMass Memorial Medical Center is proud to offer our patients MyCareTeam Clinical (MCT Clinical), an online diabetes management system that allows you and your diabetes care provider to maintain regular contact and better manage your blood sugar levels, diet, calorie and carbohydrate counting for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

MCT Clinical lets you download your blood sugar readings from most meters through a secure Internet site and the data can then be easily added to your electronic medical record. Once the data is gathered, it can be accessed, evaluated and closely monitored by all members of your care team, improving your overall care and health.

Patients success stories inspire our work. Joseph Skrzek talks about his improved quality of care with MCT Clinical.

Clinical Trials

Ongoing clinical trials in diabetes at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center and the University of Massachusetts Medical School are focused on understanding how to improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes.

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