Rapid Interactive screening Test for Autism in Toddlers


The Rapid Interactive screening Test for Autism in Toddlers is an interactive autism screening test for children younger than 3 years of age and allows a better identification of toddlers at a very high risk for autism spectrum disorders, which will then expedite their referral for diagnostic evaluation and start of treatment.

The training program includes a 45-minute educational power point on the early signs of ASD and the concept of a level 1 and level 2 screener as well as psychometrics of current tests available for this age group. The RITA-T can be reliably and easily learned and administered, allowing it to fit in a diverse range of environments, across many professional disciplines. The RITA-T administration and scoring can be completed within 10 minutes.



The RITA-T developmental constructs are reviewed and what they evaluate along with their scoring. The RITA-T items are then reviewed along with their administration and scoring. The training program then includes training videos and scoring and practice videos. The training videos include a narrative feedback for each score. After training on the sample videos and completing the practice videos independently, and completing a post-test, a certificate of completion is awarded. 

The course consists of 9 interactive activities designed to evaluate five developmental constructs known to represent early signs of ASD in toddlers 18-36 months:

Joint attention (JA) - shared focus by two or more people on the same object or person

Social awareness (SA) - ability to notice and respond to what is happening around you

Awareness of human agency (HA) - a precursor to theory of mind (the hand belongs to a person)

Self-recognition (SR) - a well-known social cognition skill that emerges between 18 and 24 months

Fundamental cognitive skill (C) - “naïve physics” (object permanence, color & shape constancy)



  • Can be administered after a positive Level 1 test to identify those with real ASD risk
  • 5-10 minutes to administer and score
  • This model would allow improved access and two different clinical pathways
  • Toddlers with high risk of ASD would not be delayed for diagnostic confirmation
  • Early Interventionist and Early Childhood educators can then do MCHAT R/F and RITA-T
  • Reliable in 18-36 months olds
  • Easy to train and learn
  • Discriminates well between toddlers with ASD and those with Delays that are non ASD

Dr. Choueiri, MD - "Detecting Ausism Spectrum Disorders"


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