Gene Therapy : Viral Vector Core

The Viral Vector Core (VVC) uses cutting edge technologies to create and produce a variety of high quality viral vectors. The goal is to provide investigators with the most suitable and efficient gene transfer vectors for their research applications.

The vectors are produced in a newly renovated facility with functionally specific cell culture and vector production suites where state of-the-art equipment is used for both production and purification.

Vectors produced in the core include: AD, AAV, and Lenti/retro. VVC staff can assist investigators with the selection of a gene transfer vector, its design and potential applications.

You can get more information on specific vectors, or to learn about the services provided by VVC, by contacting Guangping Gao at

VVC is also in the preliminary planning stage for a human applications GMP facility to produce clinical grade viral vectors. More details will be added as this facility becomes operational.



Qin Su - Production Manager
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