Principal Investigator

  • Phillip D. Zamore, Ph.D.


Administrative Assistant

  • Tiffanie Covello


Lab Technicians

  • Alicia Boucher
  • Katharine Cecchini
  • Gwen Farley - Lab Manager
  • Cindy Tipping
  • Junling Wang



  • Victor Serebrov


Current Students

  • Amena Arif
  • Keith Boundy (Millenium Ph.D. Program)
  • Timothy Chang (M.D/Ph.D. Program)
  • Cansu Colpan
  • Tianfang (Daniel) Ge
  • Samson Jolly (M.D./Ph.D. Program)
  • Bo Han
  • Yongjin Lee
  • Christian Roy (Joint student with Melissa Moore, Ph.D.)
  • William Salomon
  • Wei Wang (Joint student with Zhiping Weng, Ph.D.)


Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Jennifer Broderick, Ph.D.
  • Carlos Fabian Flores, Ph.D.
  • Cha San Koh, Ph.D. (Joint Postdoc with Andrei Korostelev, Ph.D.)
  • Chengjian Li, Ph.D.
  • Xin Li, Ph.D.
  • Pei-Hsuan (Xuan) Wu, Ph.D.
  • Zhao Zhang, Ph.D.



Lab Members

Amena Arif

Amena Arif, Graduate Student


Keith Boundy, M.D., Millennium Ph.D. Program


Jennifer Broderick, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow


Timothy Chang, MD/PhD Student

Cansu Colpan

Cansu Colpan, Graduate Student


Tiffanie Covello, Administrative Assistant


Gwen Farley, Lab Manager


Carlos Fabian Flores Jasso, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow


Tianfang (Daniel) Ge, Graduate Student


Bo Han, Graduate Student

Samson Jolly Samson Jolly, MD/PhD Student    

Cha San Koh, Post-Doc Fellow
Joint Postdoc with Andrei Korostelev, Ph.D.


Chengjian Li, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow


Xin Li, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow


Christian Roy, Graduate Student
Joint student with Melissa Moore, Ph.D.


William (Wes) Salomon, Graduate Student


Cindy Tipping, Lab Technician     


Junling Wang, Research Associate


Wei Wang, Graduate Student
Joint student with Zhiping Weng, Ph.D.


Pei-Hsuan (Xuan) Wu, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow


Phillip D. Zamore, Ph.D., Gretchen Stone Cook Professor of Biomedical Sciences,
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Co-Director RNA Therapeutics Institute.           Biography


Zhao Zhang, Graduate Student
Joint student with William Theurkauf, Ph.D.