Investiture honors members of our faculty who have been appointed to named professorships and the generous donors who made these appointments possible. The first Investiture Ceremony was held in 1999 when there was such an extraordinary roster of honors to bestow that a new celebratory event to reflect this achievement was created. Today, there are 37 named professorships, a sign of the growth and maturity of the University of Massachusetts Worcester.

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Investiture is both a formal academic ceremony and a warm, personal interaction. Recipients are recognized for their professional accomplishments, and donors, for their generous support. The two are symbolically linked when the donor presents a medallion signifying the appointment to the faculty member. The ceremony ends with the roll call of named professors, some of the finest scholars, scientists, teachers and researchers in the world.

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Endowments, precious and essential resources for the institution, increase UMass Worcester’s ability to attract and retain individuals distinguished in their fields. Named professorships also provide an opportunity for donors to contribute to the enrichment and vitality of the institution’s academic and scientific environment.

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