TTS Certification

The University of Massachusetts Medical School has been training and certifying Tobacco Treatment Specialists throughout the country since 1999. The program was developed following an extensive role delineation study that resulted in the identification of core competencies for Tobacco Treatment Specialists. A key component of the study was the determination that certification is a valuable process to help ensure a high level of skills among providers of moderate to intensive tobacco treatment services. We take pride in the quality and intensity of our evidence-based training and certification program.

The certification process includes:

  1. Complete both Basic Skills and TTS Core Certification trainings
  2. Pass the TTS written exam
  3. Accumulate necessary tobacco treatment experience and apply for certification(see table below).
  4. Prepare and submit case study to the TTS Review Board along with the application for certification.
  5. Interview with the TTS Review Board.
  6. The Review Board will issue a 2-year certification upon satisfactory completion of this process.

For Entry Level Certification (CTTS): 240 hours experience (licensed healthcare professional*) or 480 hours experience (other healthcare professional) within past 5 years 

For Master TTS Certification (CTTS-M): 2000 hours experience in tobacco treatment within past 5 years.

What counts as Tobacco Treatment experience? 
 1. Facilitating or leading group quit smoking classes
 2. Conducting face-to-face or telephone quit smoking counseling
 3. Preparing for and documenting smoking cessation sessions/classes
 4. Providing training to other providers specifically related to tobacco treatment
 5.  Providing supervision to other tobacco treatment providers 

*This category includes certified substance abuse counselors, clinical psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, licensed social workers, pharmacists, and registered nurses/NP/PA.


Certification Fees: $250 which covers TTS written exam and TTS case review process.