About the Program

Residency2 The University of Massachusetts Medical School and UMass Memorial Department of Surgery are committed to the highest quality of graduate medical education. In keeping with the strong tradition of surgical education within the department, the Chairman and Program Director are firmly engaged in the critical process of the development of young surgeons.

Goals include the development of technically superb surgeons who are facile with the most recent technical advances. Graduating surgeons will have developed skills in all of the ACGME Core Competencies, with special emphasis in teaching skills, the ability to apply medical knowledge to patient care, the practice of surgery with high regard to safety and quality measures, and comfort of practice within our current institutional system and beyond. In addition, through fulfillment of rotation-specific learning objectives and a robust simulation curriculum, it is the expectation of the department and its Chair that graduating surgeons will have mastered all competencies to the extent that they are able to practice completely independently at the conclusion of training.

The University campus provides educational opportunities in several important subspecialties including cardiac surgery, transplantation, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, and trauma surgery, as well as a focused advanced ICU experience. It is the primary site for instruction of upper and lower endoscopy for mid-level residents. It is an excellent setting for the care of diverse and critically ill patients, as well as for general, minimally invasive, and emergency surgery. The University Campus also houses the UMass simulation center as well as the departmental simulation lab.

Residency4 The Memorial Campus is the major center for care and treatment of surgical oncology, colorectal and obesity patients. These are extremely busy services with high case volumes. Residents are also afforded additional opportunities in general and vascular surgery, and the interns are provided with experience in basic critical care in a 12-bed Surgical ICU in preparation for subsequent training. In addition, residents are able to work with private practice surgeons at this campus.

The Milford Regional Hospital is a busy community hospital located in Milford, MA. Three UMass Department of Surgery faculty members have busy practices located at this hospital. The rotation has been established in order to provide a limited, yet comprehensive focus on community surgery and common general surgery procedures. Each of the surgeons are performing approximately 300 cases per year which include abdominal wall hernias, biliary tract disease, small and large bowel, breast and skin/soft tissue.

The residents participate in a simulation curriculum at the PGY1-5 level. The junior levels revolve primarily around technical skills and communication skills, while the senior curriculum contains team management skills. Established curriculum includes the ACS/APDS Basic Surgical Skills curriculum, as well as a curriculum developed in collaboration with Commonwealth Medicine's Center for Clinical Communication and Performance Outcomes. The latter is an ongoing initiative by the Department of Surgery in order to address the competencies of Communication Skills, Professionalism and Systems-Based Practice.

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