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4/14/2015: A Message from Louis Messina, MD, Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Andres Schanzer, MD, as the first director of the UMass Memorial Center for the Treatment of Complex Aortic Disease. Under Dr. Schanzer’s leadership, the center brings together physicians from multiple specialties including vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, cardiology and anesthesiology, all of whom share a passion and expertise in the treatment of complex aortic disease.

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Perioperative Mortality for Management of Hepatic Neoplasm: A Simple Risk Score

Jessica P. Simons, MD, Joshua S. Hill, MD, Sing Chau Ng, MS, Shimul A. Shah, MD,  Zheng Zhou, MD, PhD, Giles F. Whalen, MD, Jennifer F. Tseng, MD, MPH

Article published in Annals of Surgery, December 2009, Volume 250, Number 6, pp. 929-934

Step 1. Calculate Charlson comorbidity score
Indicate "yes" for the comorbidities that the patient has. This validated algorithm (Charlson, ME et al. J Chron Dis 1987; 40(5):373-83.) assigns a point value to the various diseases. The patient's raw score will then be reassigned into the collapsed Charlson score groups for use in the risk score calculation. Group 1 is a score of zero, Group 2 is a score of 1, Group 3 is a score of 2, and Group 4 is a score of 3 or higher.  



Cerebrovascular Disease   
Chronic Pulmonary Disease   
Congestive Heart Failure   
Connective Tissue/Rheumatic Disease   
Diabetes Without End Organ Damage   
Diabetes With End Organ Damage   
Liver Disease Mild to Moderate   
Liver Disease Severe   
Myocardial Infarction   
Peripheral Vascular Disease   
Renal Disease   
Ulcer Disease   
Charlson Group Score


Step 2. Calculate the risk score, including the Charlson group. 
Patient age, Charlson score group, planned procedure type, gender, the teaching status of the hospital, and the neoplasm type (primary or metastatic tumor) are indicated.  The point values are assigned accordingly to yield an additive score.  By clicking on the "Calculate Estimated Mortality" button, this score is then assigned to the appropriate risk score group, and the mortality for that group is displayed.



Point Value

Age Group     
Charlson Score Group
Procedure Type     
Hospital Type