Education and Training

Microsurgery Course

Residents develop their microsurgical skills during this week-long course featuring rat artery/vein models

UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Microsurgery Course 1   UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Microsurgery Course 2

Cadaver Dissections

During this week-long course, residents focus on basic anatomy, flap anatomy, and other surgical approaches and techniques

 UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Cadaver Course 1

Art Course

To develop their aesthetic skills, UMass PRS residents also take human figure drawing courses at the Worcester Art Museum.

UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Art Course  UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Art Course 2

International Travel Program

Senior residents travel to Ecuador for additional experience in the surgical treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate and other congenital deformities. The UMass Division of Plastic Surgery has been traveling to Ecuador since 1991, with week-long trips planned to Salinas and Latacunga. One week trips are made twice per year approximately six months apart.

 UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Travel 1
UMass Plastic Surgery Resident Travel 2

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