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Department of Surgery


Phone: 508-334-5261 (administrative) 
Phone: 508-856-3744 (education)
Fax: 508-334-7476

Divisions Contact Information

Cardiac Surgery
Colon and Rectal Surgery
General and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Organ Transplantation Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Surgical Oncology / Endocrine Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Vascular Surgery

Phone: 508-334-3278
Phone: 508-334-8159
Phone: 508-334-0545
Phone: 508-856-4199
Phone: 508-856-8088
Phone: 508-856-2128
Phone: 508-334-5299
Phone: 508-856-8663
Phone: 508-334-8996
Phone: 508-334-5288
Phone: 508-856-2219

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