Honor Code

The UMass Honor Code's commitment to professionalism is described in both the Honor Code itself and in Technical Standard Five (Behavioral and Social Attributes, as found in the Medical School Student Handbook (http://umassmed.edu/studentaffairs/).  

As a community of scholars and future physicians, the code carries with it a responsibility to mutually assure the integrity of the community. This reflects the obligation of licensed physicians to maintain the ethics of the profession http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/provider/licensing/occupational/physicans/mandated-reporting/). 

It is expected that each student will make a personal commitment to abide by the UMass Honor Code, which includes both self-monitoring and reporting violations. 

The Honor Code applies to all students at the School of Medicine.  All students who are enrolled in a degree-granting program from the school of medicine will be held to the Honor Code until they receive their final degree(s).  The Honor Board consists of faculty and students with a Chair named by the Dean. 
Consequences of violations may include self-assessment and remediation; while others may require course repeat, service work or even dismissal. Categories of violations are tiered and cumulative. 

Please see Honor Code policy in its entirety at

HonorCodeFINAL 060214.pdf