Various Dept Based * Elective Course Description

Course Name: Individually Designed Elective (Type C)
Course Number: XX-425
Elective Type:
Coordinator(s): UMass Faculty Member (Sponsor)
and if External Site (External Direct Site Supervisor)
Department: Individual Umass Department Based Sponsored
Sites Available: University Campus - Sponsor must be a Umass faculty member
Months Offered: E1-M10
Number of Students / Month: Varies
Prerequisites: * Written Elective Description must be signed by Sponsoring Faculty Member
* Offered to Umass Students Only
Elective Description: In collaboration with a faculty member, students may design an individual elective tailored to a specific interest. The elective must be sponsored by a UMass faculty member (whether the elective is completed internally or externally from UMass, the sponsor must be a UMass faculty member). This individually designed elective is a Type C. Use the Type C Description to fill out your elective description.

The student and faculty member need to write a description of the elective, including:

      1. the goals  
      2. methods of teaching
      3. number of patients to be seen
      4. supervision level
      5. Type of elective (C)
      6. length of the elective
      7. grading basis (O/ AEP/ EP/ BEP/ NCR or CR/ NCR)
      8. Example of Description


        1. The student completes he Individually Designed Electives/Research Form and attaches the approved description to the form. (see detailed instructions on form)
        2. Both the elective description and Individually Designed Elective/Research form must be signed by the sponsoring faculty member.
        3. The grading form will be completed by the approving sponsor if the elective is internal or by the direct supervisor and co-signed by the sponsor if the elective is external.

Note: * Offered to UMass Students Only

Location: University Campus, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA 01655         

Website:  N/A


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