Surgery * Elective Course Description

Course Name: General Surgery (Subinternship)
Course Number: SU-401 
Elective Type: A

Mitchell Cahan, M.D. (University Campus)
John Kelly, M.D. (Memorial Campus)
Contact: Christine Vigeant
Department: Surgery
Sites Available:

UMMHC-University and Memorial Campuses
   * General Surgery Sub-Internship University (ACS)
   * General Surgery Sub-Internship University (Haidak)
   * General Surgery Su-Internship Memorial (MIS)
Months Offered: E1-M10
Number of Students / Month: 1-2
Prerequisites: 4th year medical student 
Elective Description: After the completion of this 4 week elective the student will:
  1. Gain understanding of surgical disease that impacts a variety of organ systems including gastrointestinal, soft tissue, endocrine, etc. The focus of the elective will be dependent on site: Memorial Campus will focus on minimally invasive, general, and bariatric surgery; University Campus will focus on minimally invasive, general, and head and neck surgery.
  2. Learn the important aspects of the medical history and proper physical examination including the abdominal exam as it pertains to acute illness within the peritoneal cavity.
  3. Learn diagnostic algorithms, which diagnostic tools to employ, and their indications and contraindications. Specific tests include ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopy, MRI, diagnostic laparoscopy and/or therapeutic laparotomy.
  4. Students will be directly involved with the operative management and post-operative care of those conditions so treated.
Note: N/A
Location: UMMHC-University and Memorial Campuses


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