Pediatrics * Elective Course Description

Course Name:Adolescent Medicine
Course Number:PE-418
Elective Type:B1

Contact: Maxine Schmeidler

Sites Available:UMMHC-University Campus
Months Offered:* Varies dependent on resident schedules
Number of Students / Month:1 maximum
Prerequisites:4th year students only; Completion of 3rd yr. Pediatrics Clerkship
Elective Description:
  • To familiarize the medical student with normal and abnormal growth and development in adolescents
  • To understand the psycho/social and developmental tasks of adolescents
  • To develop communication skills for interviewing adolescents
  • To understand the commonly seen illnesses in the adolescent age group
  • To participate in gathering information about sensitive topics such as substance and alcohol use, sexuality, and family issues
  • To practice performance of the pelvic exam in the adolescent.
  • To understand appropriate anticipatory guidance for parents and teenagers in regard to issues such as driving, alcohol and parties, etc.
  • To learn about various models of adolescent health care in the community
Note: N/A
Location: UMMHC-University Campus, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA  01655
Website: Department of Pediatrics