Medicine * Elective Course Description

Course Name: Cardiology
Course Number: ME-406
Elective Type: B1 
Coordinator(s): John Tumolo M.D.  (Primary) 508-765-0636 
Department: Medicine
Sites Available: Harrington Memorial Hospital, 100 South St., Southbridge, MA 01550
Months Offered: E1, M1-M10
Number of Students / Month:
Prerequisites: * Offered to UMASS Students Only
Completion of 3rd year medicine. Call or email for availability, make arrangements 2 months in advance.  See note below.

Elective Description:
 This elective is a sub-specialty experience that will expose the student to multiple aspects of clinical cardiology.  Areas of work will include: cardiovascular physical examination, clinical consultation, ECG interpretation, Coronary Care Unit experience, Holter monitor interpretation, observation and interpretation experience in echocardiography, observation of Nuclear cardiology imaging, observation periods in cardiac catheterization, and outpatient consultative cardiology office experience.  Harrington Hospital is a busy 100-bed hospital that offers a relatively wide range of services and testing capabilities.  Patient pathology spectrum is quite interesting for a community hospital and a one-month period of exposure will allow experience with most common cardiology problems seen in the community setting.  Common problems will include: the evaluation of angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, hyperlipidemia, congestive heart failure, chest pain, and causes of dyspnea.

This elective will provide a diverse experience in clinical cardiology in a community setting. The student will be responsible for evaluation and plan formulation and will have the opportunity to observe progress and course of disease over the one-month period. 

Note: * Offered to Umass Students Only *

Site Requirements:

  • You will need to submit a letter of goodstanding, and a copy of the student malpractice certificate {Request from Student Affairs} along with your Internal Elective form.  
  • HMH requires all students in a clinical setting to submit to a drug test prior to starting their clinical rotation.  Students have the opportunity to notify their physician overseeing the program if they are on prescription medications that might cause a positive test.  HMH may dismiss a student who has a positive drug screening test.  Students are responsible for paying HMH the cost of the drug screen, which is presently $50.
  • You may obtain the urine drug test (HealthCare Professional Panel Drug Screen) at the HMH employee health department at 32 Oakes Ave., Southbridge, MA.  Appointments may be made by calling 508-765-3093. 
  • Students scheduled to rotate at HMH must sign the attached Consent to Drug Testing form and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs two weeks before starting their HMH rotation.”

Consent form click here.

Location: Harrington Memorial Hospital, 100 South Street, Southbridge, MA 01550
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