Family Medicine & Community Health * Elective Course Description

Course Name:Sports Medicine
Course Number:FC-413
Elective Type:B1
Coordinator(s):John Herbert Stevenson. M.D. or 978-878-8374
Department:Family Medicine & Community Health
Sites Available:Fitchburg/Worcester
Months Offered:May through April 
Number of Students / Month:1
Prerequisites:Completion of 3rd year Clerkships and needs to be arranged 3 months in advance. 

Elective Description: The University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine Elective is a four week elective open to 4th year medical students.  The elective is under the direction of Dr. J. Herbert Stevenson, Director Sports Medicine Fellowship for the University of Massachusetts Department of Family Medicine.  The elective is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge on common sports injuries including their diagnosis and management.  The elective comprises sports medicine clinics, training room sessions, and game coverage. 

Note: NA
Location: Fitchburg/Worcester

   Department of Family Medicine & Community Health (FMCH): 
   UMMS Sports Medicine Fellowship: