Elective Course Details


Course Name: Real World Anesthesia 
No longer offered as of 02/08/12.
Course Number: AN-404 
Elective Type: B1 
Coordinator(s): Colin Blake M.D,  colblake@comcast.net    
Department: Anesthesiology
Sites Available: Heywood Hospital; Gardner, MA  
Months Offered: Any
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: None

Elective Description:

Anesthesia rotation for any medical student, not just those interested in anesthesia as a career. Rotation will be hands on, with didactic teaching every day, at a local community hospital OR. Students will perform histories, develop anesthetic plans, and perform all procedures appropriate for medical students. Student will take call from home (Q4). Work hours are usually 7am to 3 pm.  Resident work hour limits will be respected in case of unusually heavy case load. Expected goals are to learn the principles of anesthesia, performing basic sedation, acute and chronic pain control, and  simple medical procedures including IV and invasive line placement, airway management, ventilator management, and drug and fluid delivery: skills all doctors should have. Teaching will be provided at an appropriate level with minimal stress. Student will read a basic text (provided) and perform one presentation on a matter of anesthetic relevance. This course is intended as much as a survival guide to internship as a course in basic anesthesiology.
Note:  No longer offered as of 02/08/12.
Location: Heywood Hospital; Gardner, MA 
Website: www.umassmed.edu/anes/