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Download the PDF or text version of each module using the links below. The file will be saved to your computer in the location your browser preference is set for downloading (DeskTop, My Documents, Download folder). You can print from this file and assemble your own work book.
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For Quicktime Movies:

Download Quicktime for free at
QuickTime is Apple's complete technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. A gateway for rich media including images, music, MIDI, MP3 and more, QuickTime lets you experience more than 200 kinds of digital media with your Mac or PC and it offers unparalleled quality, ease of use and functionality.

Format Options /Media Options/Glossary Options/Technical Specifications

Format Options

Would you like to learn about stroke though a series of tutorials?   Select Module 1 from the StrokeSTOP Home page:

Would you rather be a self-directed learner? Select an area of interest from the Tab menu on the StrokeSTOP Home page:

Media Options

Most StrokeSTOP web pages have icons embedded in the text.  If you roll over an icon, it becomes active.  Take a look:

If you click on an icon in the text, an image or video clip will appear on the right side of your screen.If the image contains pathology, arrows will point out abnormal regions when you roll over the Show Me button or the affected area itself.  
After the video plays or the graphic appears, the right side of your screen will remain static until you click on a different icon in the text.

Glossary Options

Term definitions can be found by choosing Glossary from the Module menu.  The Glossary will fill the screen and terms can be found by scrolling.  You can return to the previous page by selecting the Back button on your top navigation bar.
Term definitions can also be found by clicking on hyperlinked terms.  A small window pops up with the definition. This window can be closed by clicking on its top left corner.  Give it a try: stroke 

Technical Specifications

Operating System:
Mac and Windows compatible

Browser Version:
Browsers with Flash player plug-in
Tested with Explorer, Firefox, and Safari

Viewing Digital Video
Quicktime with Browser plug-in.  Download

Viewing Animations
Flash Player or later   Download

Format Options /Media Options/Glossary Options/Technical Specifications