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Transition Age Youth 

Collecting Histories of Education and Employment Activities from Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
March, 14, 2016
The 29th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Behavioral Health in Tampa, Florida
Kathryn Sabella, MA, Peter Bui, BA, Laura Golden, BA & Kathleen Biebel, PhD



Patterns of Psychotherapy

Patterns of Psychotherapy Attendance in Emerging and Mature Adults
 Davis, Fisher, Lidz & Gershenson - 2012





Treatment Retention Intervention for Emerging Adults in Outpatient Psychotherapy
Mistler, Davis, & Sheidow - 2012 




Imminent Enrollment Lapses in Medicaid After Psychiatric Hospitalization in Young Adults Davis, Abrams, Wissow & Slade - 2012 




The Future of the Consumer Movement
Delman, Ellison, & Lidz  



transitions_rtc_table_poster  The Transitions RTC Table Poster




The Learning and Working During the Transition to Adulthood Rehabilitation Research & Training Center
Davis, Langer Ellison & Lidz




do_adult_mental_health Do Adult MH Services Need to be Developmentally Appropriate?
Davis & Williams - 2005
2nd Annual Conference on Emerging Adulthood



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