Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Real-time mobile detection of drug use with wearable biosensors Real-time Mobile Detection of Drug Use with Wearable Biosensors: A Pilot Study
Carriero, Smelson, Ranney, Horvath, Boudreaux, Picard, & Boyer - 2015



Facilitators and barriers to the active participation of clients Facilitators and Barriers to the Active Participation of Clients with Serious Mental Illnesses in Medication Decision Making: The Perceptions of Young Adult Clients
Delman, Clark, Eisen & Parker - 2015



Cue-Induced craving in patients with cocaine use disorder Cue-Induced Craving in Patients with Cocaine Use Disorder Predicts Cognitive Control Deficits Toward Cocaine Cues
DiGirolamo, Smelson & Guevremont - 2015



Gender differences in mental health and substance use disorders Gender Differences in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Treatment Entry among Justice-involved Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration
Finlay, Binswanger, Smelson, Sawh, McGuire, Rosenthal, Blue-Howells, Timko, Blodgett, Harris & Frayne - 2015




A cluster randomized Hybrid Type III trial A Cluster Randomized Hybrid Type III Trial Testing an Implementation Support Strategy to Facilitate the Use of an Evidence-based Practice in VA Homeless Programs
Smelson, Chinman, McCarthy, Hannah, Sawh & Glickman - 2015



Employment-related health insurance and service delivery Employment-related Health Insurance and Service Delivery Needs of Persons with Disabilities
Gettens & Henry - 2014



Trauma among justice involved veterans Trauma among Justice Involved Veterans
Hartwell, James, Chen, Pinals, Marin & Smelson - 2014



Evaluation of a statewide implementation of supported employment in Massachusetts Evaluation of a Statewide Implementation of Supported Employment in Massachusetts
Henry, Hashemi & Zhang - 2014



The potential for health-related uses of mobile phones and internet The Potential for Health-related Uses of Mobile Phones and Internet with Homeless Veterans: Results from A Multi-site Survey
McInnes, Sawh, Petrakis, Rao, Shimada, Gifford, Eyrich-Garg, Anaya, & Smelson - 2014



Implementing and evaluating goal setting Implementing And Evaluating Goal Setting In A Statewide Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
Anthony, Ellison, Rogers, Mizock & Lyass - 2014



Recidivism among released state prison inmates Recidivism Among Released State Prison Inmates Who Received Mental Health Treatment While Incarcerated
Fisher, Hartwell, Den, Pinals, Fulwiler & Roy‐Bujnowski - 2014



Conceptualization and Measurement of Mental Health Conceptualization and Measurement of Mental Health Providers' Recovery‐promoting Competence: The Recovery Promoting Relationships Scale (RPRS)
Russinova, Rogers, Cook, Ellison & Lyass - 2013



Elevated Levels of Adiponectin Elevated Levels of Adiponectin and other Cytokines in Drug Naïve, First Episode Schizophrenia Patients with Normal Weight
Song, Fan, Song, Zhang, Zhang, Li, Gao, Harrington, Ziedonis & Lv - 2013



Predictors of Accessing Predictors of Accessing Substance Abuse Services among Individuals with Mental Disorders Released from Correctional Custody
Hartwell, Xiaogang, Fisher, Siegfriedt, Roy‐Bujnowski, Johnson & Fulwiler - 2013



Predictors of Financial Self‐sufficiency Predictors of Financial Self‐sufficiency among Social Security Beneficiaries with Psychiatric Disabilities
Russinova, Rogers, Ellison, Philippe Bloch, Lyass & Wewiorsk - 2013



American Journal on Addictions Genetic Association of GABA-A Receptor Alpha-2 & Mu Opioid Receptor with Cocaine Cue-Reactivity: Evidence for Inhibitory Synaptic Neurotransmission Involvement in Cocaine Dependence
Smelson, Yu, Buyske, Gonzalez, Tishfield & Ziedonis - 2012



Suicide and Life Preventing Suicide Through Improved Training in Suicide Risk Assessment & Care: An American Association of Suicidology Task Force Report Addressing Serious Gaps in United States Mental Health Training
Schmitz Jr., Allen, Feldman, Gutin, Jahn, Kleespies, Quinnett & Simpson - 2012



Journal of Alternative A Pilot Study of Qigong for Reducing Cocaine Craving Early in Recovery
Smelson, Chen, Ziedonis, Lennox & Callahan - 2012



Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease  A Premature Obituary: Edward C. Spitzka and the American Psychiatry of 1878
Geller - 2011



a_brief_treatment A Brief Treatment Engagement Intervention for Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial
Smelson, Kalman, Losonczy, Kline, Sambamoorthi, St. Hill, Castles-Fonseca & Ziedonis - 2010



a_systematic_review A Systematic Review of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Diagnostic Criteria for Nicotine Dependence
DiFranza, Ursprung, Lauzon, Bancej, Wellman, Ziedonis, Kim, Gervais, Meltzer, McKay, O'Loughlin, Okoli, Fortuna & Tremblay - 2010



addressing_tobacco_use_disorder Addressing Tobacco Use Disorder in Smokers in Early Remission from Alcohol Dependence: The Case for Integrating Smoking Cessation Services in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs
Kalman, Kim, DiGirolamo, Smelson & Ziedonis - 2010



a_national_survey Borderline Personality Disorder: Considerations for Inclusion in the Massachusetts Parity List of "Biologically-Based" Disorders
Foti, Geller, Guy, Gunderson, Palmer & Smith - 2010



comparison_of_two Comparison of Two Intensities of Tobacco Dependence Counseling in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder
Williams, Steinberg, Hanos Zimmermann, Gandhi, Stipelman, Dooley Budsock & Zeidonis - 2010



a_history_of Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning in Inpatient Settings: From Myth to Model
McLoughlin & Geller - 2010




The Research Potential of Administrative Data from State Mental Health Agencies 
Fisher & Rivard - 2010



wireless_technology Wireless Technologies, Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Health: Application to Drug Abuse Treatment and Compliance with HIV Therapies
Boyer, Smelson, Fletcher, Ziedonis & Picard - 2010



the_changing_role The Changing Role of the State Psychiatric Hospital
 Fisher, Geller & Pandiani - 2009



music Music Therapy: A Novel Motivational Approach for Dually Diagnosed Patients
Ross, Cidambi, Dermatis, Weinstein, Ziedonis, Roth & Galanter - 2008 




Barriers and Solutions to Addressing Tobacco Dependence in Addiction Treatment Programs 
Ziedonis, Guydish, Williams, Steinberg & Foulds - 2007



cost_of_clubhouses Costs of Clubhouses: An International Perspective
McKay, Yates & Johnsen - 2007




a_history_of A History of Private Psychiatric Hospitals in the USA: From Start to Almost Finished

Geller - 2006




a_history_of Avoiding Extinction: Successful Private Psychiatric Hospitals in the Opening Decade of the Twenty-First Century
Geller - 2006




detection_of_co_occurring Detection of Co-Occurring Mental Illness Among Adult Patients in the New Jersey Substance Abuse Treatment System
Mei Hu, Kline, Huang & Ziedonis - 2006





Employment Transitions for Clubhouse Members
McKay, Johnsen, Banks & Stein - 2006



a_comparison_of_the_health Substance Use and Community Violence: A Test of the Relation at the Daily Level
Mulvey, Odgers, Skeem, Gardner, Schubert & Lidz - 2006




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